Grand Turk Salinas and Shores IBA

Location:Turks and Caicos Islands (to UK)
Area:662 acres (268 hectares)
IBA Criteria:A4i, B4i
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Name IBA Criteria  Website 
Charadrius wilsonia (Wilson's Plover)B4i
Leucophaeus atricilla (Laughing Gull)A4i
Limnodromus griseus (Short-billed Dowitcher)A4i
Pelecanus occidentalis (Brown Pelican)B4i
Sternula antillarum (Least Tern)A4i
Thalasseus maximus (Royal Tern)B4i
Thalasseus sandvicensis (Sandwich Tern)B4i
Tringa flavipes (Lesser Yellowlegs)A4i
Tringa melanoleuca (Greater Yellowlegs)A4i

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