Alaska Tundra Foodweb for Arctagrostis latifolia (wideleaf polargrass)

Alaska Tundra
Asio flammeus
(Short-eared Owl)
Buteo lagopus
(Rough-legged Hawk)
Canis lupus
Corvus corax
(Northern Raven)
Falco columbarius
Ursus arctos
(Grizzly Bear)
Alces alces
Lanius excubitor
(Northern Shrike)
Ovibos moschatus
Ovis dalli
(Dall's sheep)
Rangifer tarandus
Vulpes vulpes
(Red Fox)
Acanthis flammea
(Common Redpoll)
Branta hutchinsii
(Cackling Goose)
Calcarius lapponicus
(Lapland Longspur)
Lemmus sibiricus
(brown lemming)
Mustela erminea
Urocitellus parryii
(Arctic ground squirrel)
Myodes rutilus
(northern red-backed vole)
Arctagrostis latifolia
(wideleaf polargrass)
Ecosystem provided by Making The Forest And Tundra Wildlife Connection