Alaska Forest Foodweb for Equisetum arvense (scouring rush)

Alaska Forest
Accipiter striatus
(Sharp-shinned Hawk)
Canis lupus
Corvus corax
(Northern Raven)
Falco columbarius
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
(Bald Eagle)
Lynx canadensis
Strix nebulosa
(Great Grey Owl)
Ursus arctos
(Grizzly Bear)
Alces alces
Lanius excubitor
(Northern Shrike)
Vulpes vulpes
(Red Fox)
Bonasa umbellus
(Ruffed Grouse)
Martes americana
(American Marten)
Mustela erminea
Myodes rutilus
(northern red-backed vole)
Equisetum arvense
(scouring rush)
Ecosystem provided by Making The Forest And Tundra Wildlife Connection