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Species Status Photo
Agathis orbicula Endangered
Agathis ovata (Scrub kauri) Endangered
Agelaius tricolor (Tricolored Blackbird) Endangered
Agelaius xanthomus (Yellow-shouldered Blackbird) Endangered
Agelanthus atrocoronatus Endangered
Agelanthus igneus Endangered
Agelanthus microphyllus Endangered
Agelanthus rondensis Critical
Agelanthus uhehensis Endangered
Agelanthus validus Endangered
Aglaeactis aliciae (Purple-backed Sunbeam) Endangered
Aglaia densitricha Critical
Aglaia evansensis Critical
Aglaia gracilis Critical
Aglaia heterotricha Critical
Aglaia mackiana Critical
Aglaia malabarica Critical
Aglaia pleuropteris Critical
Aglaia unifolia Critical
Aglaothorax longipennis (Santa Monica Shieldback Katydid) Critical
Aglyptodactylus laticeps (laticeps Madagascar jumping frog) Endangered
Agriades zullichi (Blue) Endangered
Agropyron cimmericum (Kerch Wheatgrass) Endangered
Agropyron dasyanthum (Edge Flowered Crested Wheatgrass) Endangered
Agrostis trachychlaena Endangered
Agrostistachys hookeri Critical
Ahaetulla perroteti (Western Ghats Bronzeback) Endangered
Aichryson dumosum Critical
Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant Panda) Endangered
Ailurops melanotis (Talaud Bear Cuscus) Critical
Aiouea angulata Endangered
Aiouea obscura Endangered
Aiphanes grandis Endangered
Aiphanes leiostachys Endangered
Aiphanes verrucosa Endangered
Aipysurus apraefrontalis (Short-nosed Seasnake, Sahul Reef Snake) Critical
Aipysurus foliosquama (Leaf-scaled Seasnake) Critical
Aipysurus fuscus (Dusky Seasnake, Timor Reef Snake) Endangered
Aitchisoniella himalayensis Endangered
Akihito futuna (Futuna's Emperor) Critical
Alasmidonta arcula (altamaha arc-mussel) Endangered
Alasmidonta atropurpurea (Cumberland elktoe) Endangered
Alasmidonta raveneliana (Appalachian elktoe) Critical
Alasmidonta triangulata (southern elktoe) Endangered
Alauda razae (Raso Lark) Critical
Albericus siegfriedi Critical
Albizia vaughanii Critical
Alburnus macedonicus Critical
Alburnus mandrensis (Mandras shemaya) Critical
Alburnus mentoides (Crimea shemaya) Endangered
Alburnus orontis (Orontes spotted bleak) Endangered
Alburnus sarmaticus (Pontian Shemaya) Endangered
Alburnus schischkovi Endangered
Alburnus vistonicus (Vistonis Shemaja) Critical
Alburnus volviticus (Yalartza) Endangered
Alcolapia alcalica (Natron tilapia) Endangered
Aldrovanda vesiculosa (waterwheel plant) Endangered
Alectryon ramiflorus Endangered
Alestopetersius nigropterus (Yellowtail tetra) Endangered
Aleuritopteris grevilleoides Endangered
Aleuritopteris squamosa Endangered
Alexteroon jynx (jynx midwife toad) Critical
Algyroides marchi (Spanish Keeled Lizard) Endangered
Alinjarria elongata (Territory imitator) Critical
Allaga ambigua (Zanzibar Giant Forest Grasshopper) Critical
Alligator sinensis (Chinese alligator, T'o, Yow Lung, Yangtze alligator) Critical
Allium corsicum Critical
Allium pervestitum Endangered
Allobates juanii Critical
Allobates kingsburyi Endangered
Allobates mandelorum Endangered
Allobates ranoides Endangered
Allolestes maclachlanii Endangered
Allophylus dodsonii Endangered
Allophylus zeylanicus Critical
Allotoca diazi (Patzcuaro allotoca) Critical
Allotoca maculata (Blackspot allotoca) Critical
Alloxylon brachycarpum Endangered
Alluaudina mocquardi Endangered
Alocasia atropurpurea Critical
Alocasia sanderiana (Sander's Alocasia) Critical
Alocasia sinuata (Alocasia Quilted Dreams) Critical
Aloe adigratana Endangered
Aloe albovestita Endangered
Aloe ambigens Endangered
Aloe ankoberensis Endangered
Aloe ballii Endangered
Aloe ballyi (Rat Aloe) Endangered
Aloe bella Endangered
Aloe boscawenii Critical
Aloe brandhamii Endangered
Aloe brunneostriata Critical
Aloe classenii Critical
Aloe cremnophila Endangered
Aloe dorotheae Critical
Aloe eminens Endangered
Aloe erensii Endangered
Aloe erinacea Endangered
Aloe flexilifolia Critical
Aloe friisii Endangered
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Endangered Status provided by IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2 <www.iucnredlist.org> Downloaded on 11 April 2013.
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