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Species Status Photo
Gallicolumba sanctaecrucis (Santa Cruz Ground Dove) Endangered
Gallicolumba hoedtii (Wetar Ground Dove) Endangered
Gallicolumba erythroptera (Polynesian Ground Dove) Critical
Cyathea esmeraldensis Endangered
Chlorocnemis montana Endangered
Alstonia annamensis (Alstonia angustifolia subspecies annamensis) Endangered
Alsophis sanctonum (Terre-De-Haut Racer) Endangered
Alsophis rijgersmaei (Leeward Island Racer) Endangered
Alsophis antillensis (Antilles Racer, Leeward Racer) Critical
Alsophis antiguae (Antiguan Racer) Critical
Alsodes vanzolinii (Vanzolini's spiny-chest frog) Critical
Alsodes pehuenche (Pehuenche Spiny-chest Frog) Critical
Alseodaphne rugosa Endangered
Alpinia diversifolia Critical
Alphonsea tsangyuanensis Endangered
Alphonsea hainanensis Endangered
Aloysia dodsoniorum Endangered
Alouatta ululata (Maranh�o Red-handed Howler Monkey) Endangered
Alouatta pigra (Mexican black howler monkey) Endangered
Alosa volgensis (Volga Shad) Endangered
Alosa vistonica (Shad) Critical
Alosa killarnensis (Killarney shad) Critical
Aloe yavellana Endangered
Aloe suzannae Endangered
Aloe sinkatana Endangered
Aloe sinana Endangered
Aloe scobinifolia Endangered
Aloe schelpei Endangered
Aloe pillansii (Bastard Quiver Tree) Critical
Aloe penduliflora Endangered
Aloe pembana Critical
Aloe peglerae Endangered
Aloe peckii Endangered
Aloe monticola Endangered
Aloe molederana Critical
Aloe leptosiphon Critical
Aloe kilifiensis Endangered
Aloe ketabrowniorum Endangered
Aloe kefaensis Endangered
Aloe jucunda Critical
Aloe hildebrandtii Endangered
Aloe helenae Endangered
Aloe harlana Endangered
Aloe grisea Endangered
Aloe gracilicaulis Endangered
Aloe gillettii Endangered
Aloe ghibensis Critical
Aloe friisii Endangered
Aloe flexilifolia Critical
Aloe erinacea Endangered
Aloe erensii Endangered
Aloe eminens Endangered
Aloe dorotheae Critical
Aloe cremnophila Endangered
Aloe classenii Critical
Aloe brunneostriata Critical
Aloe brandhamii Endangered
Aloe boscawenii Critical
Aloe bella Endangered
Aloe ballyi (Rat Aloe) Endangered
Aloe ankoberensis Endangered
Aloe ambigens Endangered
Aloe albovestita Endangered
Aloe adigratana Endangered
Alocasia sinuata (Alocasia Quilted Dreams) Critical
Alocasia sanderiana (Sander's Alocasia) Critical
Alocasia atropurpurea Critical
Alnus maritima (seaside alder) Endangered
Alnus henryi Critical
Alluviobolus tsimelahy (Tsimelahy Alluvial-Millipede) Endangered
Alluviobolus laticlavius (Petriky Alluvial-Millipede) Critical
Alluviobolus antanosy (Antanosy Alluvial-Millipede) Endangered
Alluaudina mocquardi Endangered
Alloxylon brachycarpum Endangered
Allotoca maculata (Blackspot allotoca) Critical
Allotoca diazi (Patzcuaro allotoca) Critical
Allophylus zeylanicus Critical
Allophylus dodsonii Endangered
Allolestes maclachlanii Endangered
Allochrusa takhtajanii (Takhtadjyan's Allochrusa) Critical
Allochrocebus preussi (Preuss's Monkey) Endangered
Allobates ranoides (Colostethus ranoides) Endangered
Allobates mandelorum Endangered
Allobates kingsburyi Endangered
Allobates juanii (Colostethus juanii) Critical
Allium struzlianum (Struzl's Onion) Endangered
Allium pseudoalbidum (Onion) Endangered
Allium pervestitum Endangered
Allium czelghauricum (Czelghaurian Onion) Critical
Allium corsicum Critical
Allium baytopiorum (Baytop's Onion) Critical
Alligator sinensis (Chinese alligator, T'o, Yow Lung, Yangtze alligator) Critical
Allaga ambigua (Zanzibar Giant Forest Grasshopper) Critical
Alistilus magnificus Critical
Alinea lanceolata (Barbados Skink) Critical
Algyroides marchi (Spanish Keeled Lizard) Endangered
Alexteroon jynx (jynx midwife toad) Critical
Aleuritopteris squamosa Endangered
Aleuritopteris grevilleoides (Sinopteris grevilleoides) Endangered
Alestopetersius nigropterus (Yellowtail tetra) Endangered
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