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Species Status Photo
Amazilia luciae (Honduran Emerald) Endangered
Amazona autumnalis diadema (Diademed amazon) Endangered
Amazona finschi (Lilac-crowned Parrot) Endangered
Amazona imperialis (Imperial Parrot) Endangered
Amazona oratrix (Yellow-headed Parrot) Endangered
Amazona rhodocorytha (Red-browed Amazon) Endangered
Amazona vinacea (Vinaceous-breasted Amazon) Endangered
Amazona viridigenalis (Red-crowned Parrot) Endangered
Amazona vittata (Puerto Rican Parrot) Critical
Ambastaia sidthimunki (Skunk loach) Endangered
Amblema neislerii (fat three-ridge) Critical
Amblyceps arunchalensis Endangered
Amblycirrhitus earnshawi (Hawkfish) Endangered
Amblysomus marleyi (Marley's Golden Mole) Endangered
Amburana cearensis Endangered
Ambystoma altamirani (Mountain stream siredon) Endangered
Ambystoma amblycephalum (Blunt-headed salamander) Critical
Ambystoma andersoni (Anderson's salamander) Critical
Ambystoma bombypellum (Axolotl) Critical
Ambystoma dumerilii (Lake Patzcuaro salamander) Critical
Ambystoma granulosum (Granular Salamander) Critical
Ambystoma leorae (Leora's Stream Salamander) Critical
Ambystoma lermaense (Lake Lerma salamander) Endangered
Ambystoma mexicanum (Axolotl) Critical
Ambystoma ordinarium (Michoacan Stream Salamander) Endangered
Ambystoma taylori (Taylor's Salamander) Critical
Ameca splendens (Butterfly splitfin) No Wild
Ameerega ingeri Critical
Ameerega planipaleae (Oxapampa Poison Frog) Critical
Ameerega silverstonei (Silverstone's Poison Frog) Endangered
Ameiva polops (st. croix ground lizard) Critical
Ameles fasciipennis (Spined Dwarf Mantis) Critical
Amentotaxus assamica (Assam catkin yew) Endangered
Amentotaxus hatuyenensis Endangered
Ameroglossum pernambucense Endangered
Amesiella monticola Critical
Amietia inyangae (Inyangani river frog) Endangered
Amietia johnstoni (Johnston's river frog) Endangered
Amietophrynus djohongensis Endangered
Amietophrynus pantherinus (Western Leopard Toad) Endangered
Amietophrynus taiensis (Tai Toad) Endangered
Amietophrynus villiersi Endangered
Amitostigma bifoliatum Endangered
Amitostigma capitatum Endangered
Amitostigma hemipilioides Endangered
Amitostigma simplex Endangered
Amitostigma tetralobum Endangered
Ammannia aurita Endangered
Ammannia linearis Endangered
Ammannia mauritiana Endangered
Ammannia maxima Endangered
Ammannia nagpurensis Endangered
Ammannia parkeri Endangered
Ammannia stuhlmannii Endangered
Ammobates dusmeti Critical
Ammopiptanthus nanus Critical
Ammospermophilus nelsoni (Nelson's antelope squirrel) Endangered
Amolops hainanensis Endangered
Amolops hongkongensis (Hong Kong Cascade Frog) Endangered
Amomum celsum Endangered
Amomum stephanocoleum Endangered
Amorpha crenulata (Clusterspike False Indigo) Critical
Amorphophallus interruptus Critical
Amorphophallus lanuginosus Critical
Amorphophallus stuhlmannii Endangered
Amorphophallus synandrifer Critical
Amphiesma metusia (Wa Shan Keelback) Endangered
Amphiglossus decaryi (Rock Skink) Endangered
Amphilius caudosignatus Endangered
Amphilius korupi Endangered
Amphilius lamani (Kuhli) Endangered
Amphilophus margaritifer (Heros margaritifer) Endangered
Amphilophus zaliosus (Arrow cichlid) Critical
Amphinotus nymphula Endangered
Amphinotus pupulus Endangered
Amphitecna molinae Endangered
Amphitecna spathicalyx Critical
Amplirhagada astuta (Snail) Endangered
Amplirhagada questroana (Snail) Endangered
Amsinckia marginata Critical
Amsonia orientalis (Rhazya thracica) Critical
Anabarilius alburnops (Silvery minnow) Endangered
Anabarilius andersoni (Ischikauia andersoni) Critical
Anabarilius polylepis (Big White Fish) Endangered
Anabarilius qiluensis Critical
Anabarilius yangzonensis Critical
Anacolosa densiflora Endangered
Anacropora spinosa (False flower coral) Endangered
Anaecypris hispanica (Minnow) Endangered
Anaglyptus luteofasciatus Endangered
Anaglyptus praecellens Endangered
Anairetes alpinus (Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant) Endangered
Anapistula ataecina Critical
Anapistula seychellensis Endangered
Anas bernieri (Bernier's Teal) Endangered
Anas laysanensis (Laysan Duck) Critical
Anas melleri (Meller's Duck) Endangered
Anas nesiotis (Campbell Island teal) Endangered
Anas wyvilliana (Hawaiian Duck) Endangered
Anatemnus seychellesensis Endangered
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Endangered Status provided by IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2 <www.iucnredlist.org> Downloaded on 11 April 2013.
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