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Species Status Photo
Sinocyclocheilus tingi Endangered
Smilosicyopus sasali (Sasal's Sicyopus) Endangered
Sphyrna lewini (Southern hammerhead shark) Endangered
Sphyrna mokarran (Squat-headed hammerhead shark) Endangered
Silonia childreni (White catfish) Endangered
Silhouettea sibayi (Barebreast goby) Endangered
Sophora koreensis (Korean Necklace-pod) Endangered
Sophora wightii Endangered
Sophora saxicola Endangered
Spheniscus demersus (Jackass Penguin) Endangered
Spheniscus mendiculus (Galapagos Penguin) Endangered
Spizaetus isidori (Black-and-chestnut Eagle) Endangered
Spinus cucullatus (Red Siskin) Endangered
Sorex pribilofensis (Pribilof Island Shrew) Endangered
Sphaerolana affinis Endangered
Sphaerolana interstitialis Endangered
Sitta ledanti (Algerian Nuthatch) Endangered
Sitta magna (Giant Nuthatch) Endangered
Sitta victoriae (White-browed Nuthatch) Endangered
Solomys salebrosus (Bougainville naked-tailed rat) Endangered
Solomys sapientis (Isabel naked-tailed rat) Endangered
Spalax arenarius (sandy mole rat) Endangered
Solenodon paradoxus (Hispaniolan Solenodon) Endangered
Solisorex pearsoni (Pearson's Long-clawed Shrew) Endangered
Sooglossus sechellensis (Seychelles frog) Endangered
Speleomantes supramontis (Supramonte Cave Salamander) Endangered
Smithorchis calceoliformis Endangered
Spermacoce capillaris Endangered
Spiranthes brevilabris (Texas lady's tresses) Endangered
Spiranthes delitescens (reclusive lady's tresses) Endangered
Skottsbergia paradoxa Endangered
Sphingonotus picteti (Tenerife Sand Grasshopper) Endangered
Sphingonotus uvarovi (Tyrrhenian Sand Grasshopper) Endangered
Sphingonotus personatus (Italian Sand Grasshopper) Endangered
Sphingonotus rugosus (Rugose Sand Grasshopper) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus dacnicolor (Jamaican Tailspot Sphaero) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus armasi (Guantanamo Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus asterulus (Haitian Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus beattyi (Saint Croix's sphaero, Beatty's Least Gecko,) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus cryphius (Baoruco Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus ladae (Martin Garcia Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus ocoae (Peravia Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus omoglaux (Fond Parisien Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus oxyrhinus (Sharp-snouted Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus parkeri (Parker's Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus parthenopion (Virgin Gorda Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus perissodactylius (Dominican Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus pimienta (Cuban Pepper Sphaero) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus plummeri (Barahona Big-Scaled Sphaero) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus randi (Pedernales Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus rhabdotus (Vallede Neiba Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus richardsonii (Richardson's Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus scapularis (Boulenger's Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus semasiops (Cockpit Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus storeyae Endangered
Sphaerodactylus thompsoni (Thompson's Least Gecko) Endangered
Sphaerodactylus zygaena (Dame-Marie Least Gecko) Endangered
Solanum chimborazense Endangered
Solanum hugonis Endangered
Solanum paralum Endangered
Solanum sodiroi Endangered
Solanum sycocarpum Endangered
Solanum albornozii Endangered
Smilisca dentata (Upland Burrowing Treefrog) Endangered
Spinomantis brunae (brunae Madagascar frog) Endangered
Spinomantis microtis (Guibe's bright-eyed frog) Endangered
Siphocampylus rupestris Endangered
Siphocampylus rostratus Endangered
Siphocampylus fruticosus Endangered
Siphocampylus lucidus Endangered
Siphocampylus furax Endangered
Siphocampylus asplundii Endangered
Sphaeranthus samburuensis Endangered
Sinapidendron frutescens Endangered
Sinapidendron sempervivifolium Endangered
Sisymbrella dentata (Sisymbrium bursifolium) Endangered
Sorbus bristoliensis (Bristol Whitebeam) Endangered
Spiralothelphusa parvula Endangered
Sphaeromimus inexpectatus (Pink Giant Pill-Millipede) Endangered
Spiralothelphusa fernandoi Endangered
Somanniathelphusa taiwanensis (Taiwan Waist Crab) Endangered
Somanniathelphusa zanklon Endangered
Siliquamomum oreodoxa Endangered
Sinodina gregoriana Endangered
Sophora mangarevaensis Endangered
Sophora raivavaeensis Endangered
Cynoglossum albanicum Endangered
Soyauxia talbotii Endangered
Spiraeanthemum graeffei Endangered
Spiraeanthemum serratum Endangered
Siparuna eggersii Endangered
Siparuna campii Endangered
Siparuna palenquensis Endangered
Sorocea sarcocarpa Endangered
Silene holzmannii Endangered
Silene orphanidis Endangered
Silene sennenii Endangered
Spirotecoma holguinensis Endangered
Sphingonotus nodulosus (Knotty Sand Grasshopper) Endangered
Sphingonotus almeriense (Almeria Sand Grasshopper) Endangered
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