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Species Status Photo
Mangifera andamanica Endangered
Mangifera blommesteinii Endangered
Mangifera campnospermoides Critical
Mangifera casturi (Kalimantan Mango) No Wild
Mangifera monandra Endangered
Mangifera nicobarica Endangered
Mangifera paludosa Endangered
Mangifera rubropetala No Wild
Mangifera superba Endangered
Manilkara dardanoi Endangered
Manilkara decrescens Endangered
Manilkara elata Endangered
Manilkara excisa (Sapodilla Bullet) Endangered
Manilkara gonavensis Critical
Manilkara kanosiensis Endangered
Manilkara longifolia Endangered
Manilkara mayarensis Endangered
Manilkara multifida Endangered
Manilkara nicholsonii Endangered
Manilkara spectabilis (Bully Tree) Critical
Manilkara subsericea Endangered
Manis crassicaudata (Indian Pangolin) Endangered
Manis culionensis (Philippine Pangolin) Endangered
Manis javanica (Sunda Pangolin) Critical
Manis pentadactyla (Chinese Pangolin) Critical
Manniella cypripedioides Endangered
Mannophryne caquetio Critical
Mannophryne collaris (Poison dart frog) Endangered
Mannophryne cordilleriana Critical
Mannophryne lamarcai Critical
Mannophryne leonardoi Endangered
Mannophryne neblina (Poison dart frog) Critical
Mannophryne riveroi (Poison dart frog) Endangered
Mannophryne trujillensis Endangered
Mannophryne yustizi (Poison dart frog) Endangered
Manorina flavigula melanotis (Black-eared Miner) Endangered
Manouria emys (Brown Tortoise) Endangered
Mantella aurantiaca (Golden mantella) Critical
Mantella bernhardi (Bernhard's Mantella) Endangered
Mantella cowanii (Cowan's Mantella) Endangered
Mantella crocea (Yellow Mantella) Endangered
Mantella expectata (Blue-legged Mantella) Endangered
Mantella milotympanum (Black-eared Mantella) Critical
Mantella viridis (Green Mantella) Endangered
Mantidactylus madecassus (Andringitra Madagascar frog) Endangered
Mantidactylus pauliani (pauliani Madagascar frog) Critical
Marantochloa mildbraedii Endangered
Marcetella maderensis Endangered
Marcgravia grandifolia Endangered
Marcgraviastrum sodiroi Endangered
Marcusenius meronai (Elephantfish) Endangered
Marcusenius victoriae (Victoria stonebasher) Endangered
Margaritifera auricularia (Spengler's Freshwater Mussel) Endangered
Margaritifera hembeli (Louisiana pearlshell) Critical
Margaritifera laosensis (Unio laosensis) Endangered
Margaritifera margaritifera (River pearl mussel) Endangered
Margaritifera marocana (Margaritana dernaica variety ponderosa) Endangered
Margaritifera marrianae (Alabama pearlshell) Endangered
Margarya melanoides (Margarya melanioides subspecies carinata) Endangered
Mariblemma pandani (Paculla pandani) Endangered
Marisora roatanae (Roatan Skink) Critical
Markea fosbergii Endangered
Marmorosphax kaala Critical
Marmorosphax taom Critical
Marmosops handleyi (Handley's Slender Opossum) Critical
Marmota sibirica (Tarbagan marmot) Endangered
Marmota vancouverensis (Vancouver marmot) Critical
Marojejya darianii (Big-leaf palm) Endangered
Marsdenia exellii Endangered
Marsilea batardae (Marsilea strigosa subspecies lusitanica) Endangered
Marsilea botryocarpa Endangered
Marsilea fadeniana Critical
Marstoniopsis armoricana Critical
Mascagnia haenkeana Endangered
Masdevallia apparitio (The Apparition Masdevallia) Critical
Masdevallia atahualpa Endangered
Masoala kona Endangered
Masoala madagascariensis Critical
Mastacembelus oatesii (Fire eel) Endangered
Mastigostyla orurensis Critical
Matelea chimboracensis Endangered
Matelea ecuadorensis Critical
Matelea honorana Endangered
Matelea orthoneura Critical
Matelea sprucei Critical
Mathewsoconcha belli (Slug) Endangered
Matisia alata Endangered
Matisia coloradorum Endangered
Matisia dolichopoda Endangered
Matisia exalata Endangered
Matisia grandifolia Endangered
Matisia jefensis Critical
Matisia palenquiana Endangered
Matisia sanblasensis Endangered
Matucana aureiflora Critical
Matucana huagalensis Critical
Matucana madisoniorum Critical
Matucana ritteri Critical
Matucana tuberculata Endangered
Matucana weberbaueri Endangered
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Endangered Status provided by IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2 <www.iucnredlist.org> Downloaded on 11 April 2013.
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