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Species Status Photo
Anoectochilus zhejiangensis Endangered
Anogeissus bentii Endangered
Anogramma ascensionis (Ascension Island Parsley Fern) Critical
Anolis ahli (Bueycito Anole) Endangered
Anolis amplisquamosus Endangered
Anolis breedlovei (Breedlove's Anole) Endangered
Anolis cusuco Endangered
Anolis guafe (Cabo Cruz Banded Anole) Endangered
Anolis haetianus (Tiburon Anole) Endangered
Anolis hobartsmithi Endangered
Anolis juangundlachi (Finca Ceres Anole) Critical
Anolis koopmani (Koopmans Anole) Endangered
Anolis loveridgei (Loveridge's Anole) Endangered
Anolis marron (Jacmel Anole) Endangered
Anolis proboscis (Horned Anole) Endangered
Anolis pygmaeus (Chiapas Pigmy Anole) Endangered
Anolis roosevelti (Culebra Island Giant Anole) Critical
Anolis ruizi Endangered
Anolis strahmi (Strahm's Anole) Endangered
Anoxypristis cuspidata (Sawfish) Endangered
Ansonia guibei Endangered
Ansonia latidisca (Toad) Endangered
Ansonia ornata (Toad) Endangered
Ansonia platysoma (Toad) Endangered
Anthemis glaberrima Critical
Antherotoma clandestina Endangered
Anthicus sacramento (Sacramento Beetle) Endangered
Anthodiscus montanus Endangered
Anthonotha leptorrhachis Critical
Anthracoceros montani (Sulu Hornbill) Critical
Anthurium barbacoasense Endangered
Anthurium bucayanum Endangered
Anthurium bushii Endangered
Anthurium coerulescens Critical
Anthurium cutucuense Endangered
Anthurium eggersii Critical
Anthurium hieronymi Endangered
Anthurium lennartii Endangered
Anthurium linguifolium Critical
Anthurium pichinchae Endangered
Anthurium saccardoi Endangered
Anthurium scaberulum Endangered
Anthurium splendidum Endangered
Anthurium tenuicaule Critical
Anthurium tenuifolium Endangered
Anthus sokokensis (Sokoke Pipit) Endangered
Antilophia bokermanni (Araripe Manakin) Critical
Antirrhinum charidemi Critical
Antirrhinum lopesianum Endangered
Antirrhinum subbaeticum Endangered
Antisolabis seychellensis Critical
Antrobia culveri (Tumbling Creek cavesnail) Endangered
Anulotaia forcarti Endangered
Apalis flavigularis (Yellow-throated Apalis) Endangered
Apalis fuscigularis (Taita Apalis) Critical
Aphanactis barclayae Endangered
Aphanius almiriensis (Almiri Toothcarp) Critical
Aphanius baeticus (Guadalquivir toothcarp) Endangered
Aphanius danfordii (Lebias danfordi) Critical
Aphanius iberus (Spanish Toothcarp) Endangered
Aphanius saourensis (Sahara aphanius) Critical
Aphanius sirhani (Killifish) Critical
Aphanius stiassnyae (Lake Afdera killifish) Endangered
Aphanius sureyanus (Burdur Toothcarp) Endangered
Aphanius transgrediens (Aci Göl toothcarp) Critical
Aphanocalyx hedinii Critical
Aphelandra azuayensis Endangered
Aphelandra cinnabarina Endangered
Aphelandra galba Endangered
Aphelandra guayasii Endangered
Aphelandra harlingii Endangered
Aphelandra loxensis Endangered
Aphelandra phaina Endangered
Aphrastura masafuerae (Mas Afuera Rayadito) Critical
Aphyosemion alpha Endangered
Aphyosemion amoenum (Red-finned killi) Endangered
Aphyosemion bamilekorum (Bamileke killi) Endangered
Aphyosemion bualanum (Redbarred powderblue killifish) Endangered
Aphyosemion franzwerneri (Goby killi) Endangered
Aphyosemion fulgens (Diapteron fulgens) Endangered
Aphyosemion lugens Endangered
Aphyosemion passaroi Endangered
Aphyosemion poliaki Endangered
Aphyosemion tirbaki Endangered
Aphyosemion volcanum (Lyretail) Endangered
Aplocheilichthys myersi (Hummingbird lampeye) Endangered
Aplonis brunneicapillus (White-eyed Starling) Endangered
Aplonis pelzelni (Pohnpei Starling) Critical
Apodemus gurkha (Himalayan field mouse) Endangered
Apolania segmentata Critical
Aponogeton bogneri Endangered
Aponogeton ranunculiflorus Endangered
Aponogeton satarensis Endangered
Aporosa fusiformis Critical
Apostichopus japonicus (Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber) Endangered
Apozomus gerlachi Endangered
Aprasia aurita (Eared Worm-lizard) Critical
Aproteles bulmerae (Bulmer's fruit bat) Critical
Apteryx mantelli (North Island Brown Kiwi) Endangered
Apteryx rowi (Okarito Kiwi) Endangered
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Endangered Status provided by IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2 <www.iucnredlist.org> Downloaded on 11 April 2013.
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