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Species Status Photo
Arrojadoa eriocaulis Endangered
Arrojadoa marylaniae Critical
Artabotrys darainensis Endangered
Artabotrys rupestris Endangered
Artemisia granatensis (Royal chamomile) Endangered
Artemisia insipida Critical
Arthrocereus glaziovii Endangered
Arthroleptella ngongoniensis (Ngoni Moss Frog) Endangered
Arthroleptella rugosa Critical
Arthroleptella subvoce Endangered
Arthroleptis affinis (Frog) Endangered
Arthroleptis francei (Frog) Endangered
Arthroleptis troglodytes (Cave squeaker) Critical
Arthroleptis xenodactylus (Amani screeching frog) Endangered
Artisornis moreaui (Long-billed Tailorbird) Critical
Arubolana aruboides Critical
Arytropteris pondo (Pondo Flat-necked Shieldback) Critical
Asarcornis scutulata (White-winged Duck) Endangered
Asclepias kamerunensis Critical
Ascoglossum calopterum Critical
Asiagomphus yayeyamensis Endangered
Asimina tetramera (fourpetal pawpaw) Endangered
Aspalathus glabrescens Endangered
Aspalathus macrantha Endangered
Aspalathus psoraleoides Endangered
Aspalathus varians Endangered
Asparagus fallax Endangered
Asparagus nesiotes Endangered
Asparagus usambarensis Endangered
Asperula virgata (Rod-shaped Woodruff) Endangered
Aspidites ramsayi (Woma Python) Endangered
Aspidosperma darienense Endangered
Aspidosperma polyneuron (red peroba) Endangered
Asplenium complanatum Critical
Asplenium daghestanicum (Dagestanian Spleenwort) Critical
Asplenium dielmannii (Mann's island spleenwort) Critical
Asplenium dielpallidum (pale island spleenwort) Critical
Asplenium schizotrichum Critical
Asplenium virens Endangered
Asplundia clementinae Critical
Asplundia domingensis Endangered
Asplundia lutea Critical
Asplundia nonoensis Endangered
Asplundia truncata Endangered
Assiminea pecos (Pecos assiminea) Endangered
Astatotilapia desfontainii Endangered
Astelia waialealae (Kauai pa'iniu) Critical
Aster pyrenaeus Endangered
Aster quitensis Critical
Asteranthe lutea Endangered
Asterogyne yaracuyense Critical
Asteropeia amblyocarpa Critical
Asteropeia labatii Endangered
Asteropeia matrambody Endangered
Asteropeia micraster Endangered
Asteropeia rhopaloides Endangered
Astragalus acetabulosus Endangered
Astragalus acmophylloides (Astragalus sommieri subspecies acmophylloides) Critical
Astragalus alamliensis Endangered
Astragalus altus (tall milkvetch) Endangered
Astragalus bidentatus Endangered
Astragalus bobrovii Endangered
Astragalus cavanillesii Critical
Astragalus cuscutae (Dodder Astragalus) Endangered
Astragalus daghestanicus (Daghestanian Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus drupaceus Endangered
Astragalus eliasianus (Eliasian Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus igniarius (Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus longivexillatus (Long-flagged Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus macrourus (Shakhbuzian Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus magnificus (Big Astragalus) Critical
Astragalus maritimus Critical
Astragalus nigrocalycinus (Black-calyx milk vetch) Critical
Astragalus olurensis (Olurian Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus ornithopodioides (Bylov's Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus schmollae (Schmoll's Milkvetch) Critical
Astragalus sinuatus (Whited's milkvetch) Critical
Astragalus tatlii (Tatli's Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus tener (alkali milkvetch) Endangered
Astragalus trabzonicus (Trabzonian Milk Vetch) Critical
Astragalus tremolsianus Critical
Astragalus vardziae (Vardzian Astragalus) Endangered
Astragalus verrucosus Critical
Astragalus xiphidium (Marazinian Astragalus) Endangered
Astrantia colchica (Colchic Masterwort) Endangered
Astroblepus ubidiai (Andean Catfish) Critical
Astrocaryum minus Critical
Astrocaryum triandrum Endangered
Astrochelys radiata (Radiated Tortoise) Critical
Astrochelys yniphora (Madagascan (Plowshare) Tortoise) Critical
Astronidium floribundum Critical
Astronidium inflatum Critical
Astronidium kasiense Critical
Astronidium lepidotum Critical
Astronidium pallidiflorum Critical
Astronidium saulae Critical
Astrophytum caput-medusae Critical
Astylosternus fallax (Frog) Endangered
Astylosternus laurenti (Frog) Endangered
Astylosternus nganhanus (Frog) Critical
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Endangered Status provided by IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2 <www.iucnredlist.org> Downloaded on 11 April 2013.
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