Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Hymenoptera > Apoidea > Sphecidae > Chalybion > Chalybion caeruleum

Chalybion caeruleum <Unverified Name>

Consumers (Predators)

Cicuta maculata (poison parsnip)Pollination 1
Cornus oblonga (gray dogwood)Pollination 1
Heracleum sphondylium var. nipponicum (cow parsnip)Pollination 1
Oxypolis rigidior (stiff cowbane)Pollination 1
Pastinaca sativa (wild parship)Pollination 1
Perideridia americana (osage perideridia)Pollination 1
Sicyos angulatus (bur cucumber)Pollination 1
Taenidia integerrima (yellow pimpernell)Pollination 1


Attributes / relations provided by
1Robertson, C. Flowers and insects lists of visitors of four hundred and fifty three flowers. 1929. The Science Press Printing Company Lancaster, PA.
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