Animalia > Platyhelminthes > Cestoda > Tetraphyllidea > Taeniidae > Taenia > Taenia krabbei

Taenia krabbei <Unverified Name>

Providers (Prey, hosts, diet)

Alces alces (moose)Parasite 1
Canis latrans (Coyote)Parasite 1
Canis lupus (Wolf)Parasite 1
Canis lupus familiaris (domestic dog)Parasite 1
Capreolus capreolus (western roe deer)Parasite 1
Cervus elaphus (wapiti or elk)Parasite 1
Lynx lynx (Eurasian Lynx)Parasite 1
Lynx rufus (Bobcat)Parasite 1
Odocoileus hemionus (mule deer)Parasite 1
Rangifer tarandus (caribou)Parasite 1
Ursus americanus (black bear)Parasite 1
Ursus arctos (Grizzly Bear)Parasite 1
Vulpes lagopus (Arctic Fox)Parasite 1
Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox)Parasite 1


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1Gibson, D. I., Bray, R. A., & Harris, E. A. (Compilers) (2005). Host-Parasite Database of the Natural History Museum, London
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