Genarches goppo <Unverified Name>

Providers (Prey, hosts, diet)

Monopterus albus (white ricefield eel)Parasite 1
Odontobutis obscura (Japanese sleeper goby)Parasite 1
Tachysurus fulvidraco (Banded catfish)Parasite 1
Rhinogobius giurinus (Goby)Parasite 1
Sarcocheilichthys nigripinnis (Rainbow gudgeon)Parasite 1
Sarcocheilichthys sinensis (Chinese lake gudgeon)Parasite 1
Silurus asotus (Far Eastern catfish)Parasite 1
Siniperca chuatsi (Chinese bass)Parasite 1
Siniperca kneriiParasite 1


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1Gibson, D. I., Bray, R. A., & Harris, E. A. (Compilers) (2005). Host-Parasite Database of the Natural History Museum, London
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