Paraschizaphis scirpi <Unverified Name>

Providers (Prey, hosts, diet)

Carex acutiformis (lesser pond sedge)Food 1
Carex hirta (hammer sedge)Food 1
Carex riparia (Great Pond Sedge)Food 1
Carex vesicata (blister sedge)Food 1
Cyperus longus (Galingale)Food 1
Isolepis cernua (low bulrush)Food 1
Schoenoplectus lacustris (lakeshore bulrush)Food 1
Typha angustifolia (Small Reed Mace)Food 1
Typha latifolia (Reedmace)Food 1
Typha minimaFood 1


Attributes / relations provided by
1Biological Records Centre Database of Insects and their Food Plants
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