Cerostegia rusci <Unverified Name>

Providers (Prey, hosts, diet)

Carissa congesta (Conkerberry)Food 1
Cocos nucifera (coconut palm)Food 1
Cordia myxa (Assyrian plum)Food 1
Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia (Florida hopbush)Food 1
Ficus benghalensis (Indian banyan)Food 1
Ficus carica (piku)Food 1
Ficus sycomorus (sycamore fig)Food 1
Ilex aquifolium (English holly)Food 1
Pistacia lentiscus (mastic tree)Food 1
Platanus orientalis (oriental planetree)Food 1


Attributes / relations provided by
1Biological Records Centre Database of Insects and their Food Plants
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