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Sitobion avenae avenae

Synonyms: Acyrthosiphon granarium; Acyrtosiphon granarium; Ahpis avenae; Amphorophora avenae; Aphis adjuta; Aphis avenae; Aphis cerealis; Aphis consueta; Aphis gnaphalii; Aphis hordei; Aphis lycopsidis; Bromaphis avenae; Illinoia granarium; Macrosiphon avenae; Macrosiphoniella gnaphalii; Macrosiphum akebiae; Macrosiphum alii; Macrosiphum avaenae; Macrosiphum avanae; Macrosiphum avenae; Macrosiphum avenae akebiae; Macrosiphum caianensis; Macrosiphum cerealis; Macrosiphum gnaphalii; Macrosiphum granarium; Macrosiphum granulatum; Macrosiphum oljatae; Macrosiphum triglochiniella; Nectarophora avenae; Nectarophora cerralis; Nectarophora granaria; Rhopalosiphum avenae; Siphocoryne avenae; Siphonophora avenae; Siphonophora caianensis; Siphonophora cerealis; Siphonophora granaria; Sitobion akebiae; Sitobion alii; Sitobion avenae; Sitobion avenae f. longiarticulatus; Sitobion avense; Sitobion granarium; Sitobion longiarticulatus; Sitobium alii; Sitobium avenae; Sitobium granarium; Syphocryne avenae

Prey / Diet

Agropyron cristatum (crested wheat grass)[1]
Agropyron fragile (Siberian wheatgrass)[1]
Allium cepa (garden onion)[1]
Allium schoenoprasum (wild chives)[1]
Elymus pseudorepens (slender wheatgrass)[1]
Elymus repens (quackgrass)[1]
Elymus smithii (Western Wheatgrass)[1]
Polygonum aviculare subsp. aviculare (prostrate knotweed)[1]
Spergula arvensis (devil's gut)[1]
Stellaria longipes (longstalk starwort)[2]
Thinopyrum elongatum (tall wheatgrass)[1]
Zea mays (corn)[1]


Cerotainia albipilosa[3]
Dioctria hyalipennis (Stripe-legged Robberfly)[3]
Eudioctria tibialis[3]
Holopogon albipilosus[3]



Attributes / relations provided by
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