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Clinocardium nuttallii (Nuttall cockle)

Synonyms: Cardium californianum; Cardium corbis; Cardium nuttallii; Clinocardium ovalis

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Clinocardium nuttallii, common name Nuttall's cockle, basket cockle, or Heart cockle, is a species of large edible saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusc in the family Cardiidae, the cockles. Native to the coastlines of California and the Pacific Northwest, this species can be found from the Bering Sea to Southern California and has been used by the indigenous peoples of California and the Pacific Northwest as food.
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Crossaster papposus (spiny sun star, common sun star)[1]
Enhydra lutris (Sea Otter)[1]
Enteroctopus dofleini (North Pacific giant octopus)[1]
Fusitriton oregonensis (Oregon triton)[1]
Gadus macrocephalus (Pacific cod)[1]
Gymnocanthus pistilliger (thread sculpin)[1]
Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle)[1]
Homo sapiens (man)[1]
Larus glaucescens (Glaucous-winged Gull)[1]
Lepidopsetta polyxystra (Northern rock sole)[1]
Leptasterias tenera (Slender sea star)[1]
Limanda aspera (Yellowfin sole)[1]
Luidia foliolata (Sand star)[1]
Melanitta fusca (White-winged Scoter)[1]
Melanitta perspicillata (Surf Scoter)[1]
Odobenus rosmarus (Walrus)[1]
Pycnopodia helianthoides (Sunflower sea star)[1]
Rhacochilus vacca (Pile surfperch)[1]


East Pacific; North America;



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