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Saxidomus nuttalli (California butterclam; washington clam)

Synonyms: Saxidomus arata; Saxidomus aratus; Saxidomus nuttalli subsp. latus; Saxidomus squalidus; Tapes gracilis

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Saxidomus nuttalli is a species of large edible saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusk in the family Veneridae, the venus clams. Common names include California butterclam and Washington clam. This clam is native to the west coast of North America, its distribution extending from northern California to Baja California. This is a commercially exploited species that attains a length of approximately 15 cm.
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Prey / Diet

Acanthotrema hancocki[1]
Catatropis johnstoni[1]
Himasthla rhigedana[1]
Hysterolecitha trilocalis[1]
Parorchis acanthus[1]
Pygidiopsoides spindalis[1]
Renicola buchanani[1]
Renicola cerithidicola[1]
Saxidomus nuttalli (California butterclam)[1]


Saxidomus nuttalli (California butterclam)[1]


East Pacific; North America;



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