Animalia > Arthropoda > Malacostraca > Isopoda > Sphaeromatoidea > Sphaeromatidae > Exosphaeroma > Exosphaeroma amplicauda

Exosphaeroma amplicauda (Isopod)

Synonyms: Sphaeroma amplicauda


Artedius fenestralis (Padded sculpin)[1]
Artedius lateralis (Smooth-head sculpin)[1]
Ascelichthys rhodorus (Rosylip sculpin)[1]
Clinocottus acuticeps (Sharpnose sculpin)[1]
Cymatogaster aggregata (Shiner)[1]
Enophrys bison (Buffalo sculpin)[1]
Gobiesox maeandricus (Northern clingfish)[1]
Leptocottus armatus (Cabezon)[1]
Liparis cyclopus (Günther's liparid)[1]
Oligocottus maculosus (Tidepool sculpin)[1]
Oligocottus snyderi (Fluffy sculpin)[1]



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