Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Hemiptera > Aphidoidea > Aphididae > Hyperomyzus > Hyperomyzus lactucae

Hyperomyzus lactucae (Sowthistle aphid)

Synonyms: Amphorophora cosmopolitana; Amphorophora lactucae; Amphorophora sonchi; Aphis lactucae; Hyperomyzella erratica; Hyperomyzus lactucae; Macrosiphum lactucae; Nasonovia lactucea hyperomyzus; Rhopalosiphum erraticum; Rhopalosiphum lactucae; Rhopalosiphum ribijaponica; Rhopalosiphum sonchi; Siphonophora lactucae

Prey / Diet

Ribes nigrum (European black currant)[1]
Ribes rubrum (cultivated currant)[1]
Sonchus arvensis subsp. uliginosus (Corn Sow Thistle)[1]
Sonchus oleraceus (Smooth Sow-Thistle)[1]
Sonchus palustris (Marsh Sowthistle)[1]



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