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Lemna minor (common duckweed)

Synonyms: Hydrophace minor; Lemna conjugata; Lemna minima; Lemna minor var. minima; Lemna minor var. orbiculata; Lemna minor var. oxymitra; Lemna monorhiza; Lemna obcordata; Lemna ovata; Lemna palustris; Lemna rwandensis; Lemna vulgaris; Lenticula minima; Lenticula minor; Lenticula palustris; Lenticula vulgaris; Lenticularia monorhiza

Wikipedia Abstract

Lemna minor, the common duckweed or lesser duckweed, is a species of Lemna (duckweed) with a subcosmopolitan distribution, native throughout most of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, occurring everywhere that freshwater ponds and slow-moving streams occur, except for arctic and subarctic climates. It is not reported as native in Australasia or South America, though is naturalised there.
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Height [2]  0.4 inches (0.01 m)
Hardiness Zone Minimum [1]  USDA Zone: 3 Low Temperature: -40 F° (-40 C°) → -30 F° (-34.4 C°)
Light Preference [3]  Mostly Sunny
Soil Acidity [3]  Neutral
Soil Fertility [3]  Intermediate
Soil Moisture [3]  Submerged
Water Use [1]  High
Flower Color [1]  Green
Foliage Color [1]  Green
Bloom Period [1]  Summer
Drought Tolerance [1]  None
Edible [2]  May be edible. See the Plants For A Future link below for details.
Flower Type [2]  Monoecious
Frost Free Days [1]  3 months 10 days
Fruit/Seed Begin [1]  Summer
Fruit/Seed End [1]  Summer
Growth Form [1]  Single Crown
Growth Period [1]  Summer
Growth Rate [1]  Rapid
Leaf Type [1]  Deciduous
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Propagation [1]  Seed, Sprig
Seed Spread Rate [1]  Rapid
Seed Vigor [1]  High
Shape/Orientation [1]  Decumbent
Structure [4]  Herb
Usage [2]  The dried plant repels mosquitoes;
Vegetative Spread Rate [1]  Rapid
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Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Cantabric Coast - Languedoc France, Spain Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Central & Western Europe Austria, Belgium, Byelarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Eastern Iberia Andorra, France, Spain Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Lake Onega - Lake Ladoga Finland, Russia Palearctic Large Lakes    
New Zealand New Zealand Australasia Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Northern Baltic Drainages Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden Palearctic Polar Freshwaters    
Norwegian Sea Drainages Norway, Sweden Palearctic Polar Freshwaters    
Southern Iberia Portugal, Spain Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    
Upper Danube Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Volga - Ural Kazakhstan, Russia Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Western Iberia Portugal, Spain Palearctic Temperate Coastal Rivers    

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument V 4731 Nebraska, United States
Algonquin Provincial Park IV 1868802 Ontario, Canada
Assateague Island National Seashore II 8621 Maryland, United States
Astrakhanskiy Biosphere Reserve Zapovednik Ia 167827 Astrakhan, Russia
Avon Gorge Woodlands 376 England, United Kingdom
Baikalskiy Biosphere Reserve Zapovednik Ia 458883 Russia  
Banff National Park II 1690912 Alberta, Canada
Belovezhskaya Pushcha Biosphere Reserve National Park II 218515 Belarus
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Ib 2823882 Alaska, United States
Berwyn a Mynyddoedd de Clwyd/ Berwyn and South Clwyd Mountains 67265 Wales, United Kingdom
Bialowieza National Park II 11126 Poland
Bolshekhekhtsirsky Zapovednik Ia 112282 Khabarovsk, Russia
Braunton Burrows 3328 England, United Kingdom
Breckland 18652 England, United Kingdom
Bruce Peninsula National Park II   Ontario, Canada
Buchholz bei Bleiwäsche 786 Germany  
Buskett - Girgenti Area 557 Malta  
Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve 90 Michigan, United States
Canaveral National Seashore II 9090 Florida, United States
Cape Breton Highlands National Park II 234333 Nova Scotia, Canada  
Cardigan Bay/ Bae Ceredigion 236876 Wales, United Kingdom
Carpathian Biosphere Reserve 144772 Ukraine  
Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve V 619089 Jilin, China  
Colonial National Historic Park National Historical Park V 9316 Virginia, United States
Coram Biosphere Reserve 7460 Montana, United States
Cumberland Gap National Hist. Park National Historical Park V 24282 Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, United States
Death Valley National Park II 762125 California, Nevada, United States
Dolina Górnego Nurca 9872 Poland  
Dornoch Firth and Morrich More 21499 Scotland, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths 14161 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths (Purbeck and Wareham) and Studland Dunes 5491 England, United Kingdom
Dunkeld–Blairgowrie Lochs 1058 Scotland, United Kingdom
Elk Island National Park II 47171 Alberta, Canada
Essex Estuaries 114016 England, United Kingdom
Fire Island National Seashore V 9433 New York, United States
Flusslandschaft Elbe Biosphere Reserve 925242 Germany  
Galichia Gora Zapovednik Ia 568 Lipetsk, Russia
Gateway National Recreation Area V 1807 New Jersey, United States
Glen Tanar 10329 Scotland, United Kingdom
Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge VI 3161 New Jersey, United States
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site III 861 Pennsylvania, United States
Hoy 23474 Scotland, United Kingdom
Humber Estuary 90582 England, United Kingdom
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore II 8272 Indiana, United States
Isle Royale Biosphere Reserve Ib 571799 Michigan, United States
Isle of Rum National Nature Reserve   Scotland, United Kingdom
Kavkazskiy Biosphere Reserve Ia 692723 Krasnodar, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea, Russia
Khopersky Zapovednik Ia 47103 Russia  
Kluane National Park and Reserve National Park Reserve II 5463436 Yukon, Canada
Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge VI 28351 Louisiana, United States
Lago del Rendina 1656 Italy  
Limestone Coast of South West Wales/ Arfordir Calchfaen de Orllewin Cymru 3940 Wales, United Kingdom  
Lower Derwent Valley 2263 England, United Kingdom
Löcknitztal 1207 Germany  
Mojave and Colorado Deserts Biosphere Reserve 5901 California, United States  
Nahanni National Park Reserve II 1309627 Northwest Territories, Canada
Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve 470167 Ontario, Canada  
North York Moors 108930 England, United Kingdom
Okskiy Biosphere Reserve 190748 Russia  
Olympic Biosphere Reserve II 922805 Washington, United States
Paludi di Ostiglia 304 Italy  
Parco Regionale Oglio Sud 9941 Italy  
Pen Llyn a`r Sarnau/ Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau 360832 Wales, United Kingdom
Petersburg National Battlefield III 3338 Virginia, United States
Pipestone National Monument V 326 Minnesota, United States
Point Pelee National Park II 5764 Ontario, Canada
Prince Albert National Park II 976762 Saskatchewan, Canada
Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve V 1777 Spain  
Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve II 762028 Manitoba, Canada
Rocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve II 239938 Colorado, United States
Rondeau Provincial Park II 5035 Ontario, Canada
Roosevelt Vanderbilt National Historic Site   New York, United States      
Scotts Bluff National Monument V 3185 Nebraska, United States
Sefton Coast 11278 England, United Kingdom
Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren 182155 England/Wales, United Kingdom
Solway Firth 107829 England/Scotland, United Kingdom
South Atlantic Coastal Plain Biosphere Reserve 20317 South Carolina, United States  
South Uist Machair 8482 Scotland, United Kingdom
Spreewiesen südlich Beeskow 1194 Germany  
Start Point to Plymouth Sound & Eddystone 84204 England, United Kingdom  
The Broads 14554 England, United Kingdom  
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom
The Wash and North Norfolk Coast 266284 England, United Kingdom
Torbiere d'Iseo 895 Italy  
Tsentral'no-Chernozemny Biosphere Reserve Ia 13064 Kursk, Russia
Tsentral'no-Lesnoy Biosphere Reserve Ia 62630 Russia  
Tsentral'no-Sibirskiy Biosphere Reserve Ia 2521510 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Ukrainskii Stepnoi Zapovednik Nature Zapovednik Ia 2920 Ukraine  
Upper Miss. River Nat'l Wildlife Refuge National Wildlife Refuge VI 25823 Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, United States
Valley Forge National Historical Park VI 3509 Pennsylvania, United States
Voronezhskiy Biosphere Reserve 95835 Russia  
Vuntut National Park II 1076795 Yukon, Canada
Wapusk National Park II 2614324 Manitoba, Canada
Wind Cave National Park II 29471 South Dakota, United States
Wood Buffalo National Park II 11038545 Alberta, Canada
Woodland Caribou Provincial Wilderness Park Provincial Park II 1072124 Ontario, Canada
Y Fenai a Bae Conwy/ Menai Strait and Conwy Bay 65440 Wales, United Kingdom  
Yellowstone Biosphere Reserve II 2196863 Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, United States
Zhuvintas Zapovednik 18223 Lithuania  
Zion National Park II 135667 Utah, United States



Acalles lemnae <Unverified Name>[5]
Adicella reducta[6]
Aix sponsa (Wood Duck)[7]
Anas acuta (Northern Pintail)[8]
Anas castanea (Chestnut Teal)[9]
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard)[6]
Anas strepera (Gadwall)[9]
Branta canadensis (Canada Goose)[7]
Cataclysta lemnata (Small China-mark)[10]
Chelydra serpentina (Common Snapping Turtle)[7]
Hydrellia albilabris[5]
Hydrellia griseola (Rice leafminer)[5]
Hydrellia personata[10]
Lemnaphila scotlandae[10]
Limnephilus flavicornis[6]
Limnephilus luridus[6]
Limnephilus marmoratus[6]
Limnephilus rhombicus (Northern caddisfly)[6]
Pseudemys concinna floridana (Common cooter)[11]
Pseudemys nelsoni (Florida Redbelly Turtle)[11]
Quiscalus major (Boat-tailed Grackle)[9]
Tanysphyrus lemnae[5]
Castor canadensis (american beaver)[7]
Cyprinus carpio (Common carp)[7]
Ictalurus punctatus (Channel catfish)[7]
Lymnaea stagnalis (swamp lymnaea)[7]


Shelter for 
Aedes albopictus (forest day mosquito)[7]
Agkistrodon contortrix (Southern Copperhead)[7]
Ambystoma maculatum (Spotted Salamander)[7]
Ameiurus natalis (Yellow bullhead)[7]
Anax junius (green darner)[7]
Anaxyrus americanus americanus (Eastern American Toad)[7]
Anguilla rostrata (American eel)[7]
Aquarius remigis (Common water strider)[7]
Calopteryx maculata (Ebony jewelwing)[7]
Corydalus cornutus (dobsonfly)[7]
Daphnia ambigua (Water flea)[7]
Dolomedes triton (Six-spottedfishingspider)[7]
Etheostoma olmstedi (Tessellated darter)[7]
Gambusia holbrooki (Bore-drain fish)[7]
Hypentelium nigricans (Northern hog sucker)[7]
Hypogastrura nivicola (snow flea)[7]
Ischnura posita (Fragile forktail)[7]
Lampsilis radiata (eastern lampmussel)[7]
Libellula lydia (Common whitetail)[7]
Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog)[7]
Lithobates sphenocephalus sphenocephalus (Florida Leopard Frog)[7]
Lithobates sylvaticus (Wood Frog)[7]
Macrobdella decora (Freshwater leech)[7]
Micropterus salmoides (Northern largemouth bass)[7]
Nerodia sipedon (Northern Water Snake)[7]
Notemigonus crysoleucas (Golden shiner minnow)[7]
Notophthalmus viridescens (Eastern Newt)[7]
Ondatra zibethicus (muskrat)[7]
Pomoxis nigromaculatus (Strawberry bass)[7]
Procotyla fluviatilis (Flatworm)[7]
Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper)[7]
Castor canadensis (american beaver)[7]
Cyprinus carpio (Common carp)[7]
Ictalurus punctatus (Channel catfish)[7]
Lymnaea stagnalis (swamp lymnaea)[7]


Cosmopolitan; Georgian Bay Islands National Park; Saint Lawrence Islands National Park; Taynish National Nature Reserve;



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