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Antidesma bunius (bignay)

Synonyms: Antidesma andamanicum; Antidesma bunius var. cordifolium; Antidesma bunius var. floribundum; Antidesma bunius var. genuinum; Antidesma bunius var. pubescens; Antidesma bunius var. sylvestre; Antidesma bunius var. wallichii; Antidesma ciliatum; Antidesma collettii; Antidesma cordifolium; Antidesma crassifolium; Antidesma floribundum; Antidesma glabellum; Antidesma glabrum; Antidesma retusum; Antidesma rumphii; Antidesma stilago; Antidesma sylvestre; Antidesma thorelianum; Sapium crassifolium; Stilago bunius

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Antidesma bunius is a species of fruit tree in the Phyllanthaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia and northern Australia. Its common Philippine name and other names include bignay, bugnay or bignai, Chinese-laurel, Herbert River-cherry, Queensland-cherry, salamander-tree, wild cherry, and currant tree. This is a variable plant which may be short and shrubby or tall and erect, approaching 30 metres in height.
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Allergen Potential [1]  High
Specific Gravity [2]  0.629


Coccus antidesmae[3]
Coccus viridis (green coffee scale)[3]
Neogreenia zeylanica[3]
Planococcus lilacinus (citrus mealybug)[3]
Protopulvinaria pyriformis (pyriform scale)[3]
Pulvinaria psidii (green shield scale)[3]
Unaspis flava[3]
Unaspis permutans[3]


Trop. & Subtrop. Asia;



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