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Euroscaptor (Asiatic moles)

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Euroscaptor is a genus of mammal in the Talpidae family. Members are found in China, Japan and other countries of South and Southeast Asia.It contains the following eight species to date: Greater Chinese mole (Euroscaptor grandis) Kloss's mole (Euroscaptor klossi) Long-nosed mole (Euroscaptor longirostris) Malaysian mole (Euroscaptor malayana) Himalayan mole (Euroscaptor micrura) Japanese mountain mole (Euroscaptor mizura) Small-toothed mole (Euroscaptor parvidens) Euroscaptor subanura ↑ ↑
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Euroscaptor grandis (Greater Chinese Mole) (Attributes)
Euroscaptor klossi (Kloss's Mole) (Attributes)
Euroscaptor longirostris (Long-nosed Mole) (Attributes)
Euroscaptor micrura (Himalayan Mole) (Attributes)
Euroscaptor mizura (Japanese Mountain Mole) (Attributes)
Euroscaptor parvidens (Small-toothed Mole) (Attributes)


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