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Leucopternis (neotropical hawks)

Wikipedia Abstract

Leucopternis is a Neotropical genus of birds of prey in the Accipitridae family. They are associated with tropical forests, and are uncommon or rare. Their plumage is largely black or gray above and white below, and they have distinctive orange ceres.
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Leucopternis albicollis (White Hawk) (Attributes)
Leucopternis kuhli (White-browed Hawk)
Leucopternis lacernulatus (White-necked hawk)
Leucopternis melanops (Black-faced Hawk) (Attributes)
Leucopternis occidentalis (Grey-backed Hawk) (Endangered)
Leucopternis plumbeus (Plumbeous Hawk)
Leucopternis polionotus (Mantled hawk)
Leucopternis princeps (Barred Hawk)
Leucopternis schistaceus (Slate-coloured hawk)
Leucopternis semiplumbeus (Semiplumbeous Hawk)


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