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Leucopternis (neotropical hawks)

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Leucopternis is a Neotropical genus of bird of prey in the Accipitridae family. They are generally associated with tropical or subtropical forests, and most are uncommon or rare. Several have a largely white plumage, and a few have distinctive orange or red ceres.
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Leucopternis albicollis (White Hawk) (Attributes)
Leucopternis kuhli (White-browed Hawk)
Leucopternis lacernulatus (White-necked hawk)
Leucopternis melanops (Black-faced Hawk) (Attributes)
Leucopternis occidentalis (Grey-backed Hawk) (Endangered)
Leucopternis plumbeus (Plumbeous Hawk)
Leucopternis polionotus (Mantled hawk)
Leucopternis princeps (Barred Hawk)
Leucopternis schistaceus (Slate-coloured hawk)
Leucopternis semiplumbeus (Semiplumbeous Hawk)


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