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Ardeola (pond herons)

Wikipedia Abstract

Ardeola is a genus of small herons, typically 40–50 cm long with 80–100 cm wingspan. Most breed in the tropical Old World, but the migratory Squacco Heron occurs in southern Europe and the Middle East and winters in Africa. These pond herons are stocky species with a short neck, short thick bill, typically buff or brownish back, and coloured or streaked foreneck and breast. In summer, adults may have long neck feathers.
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Ardeola bacchus (Chinese Pond-Heron) (Attributes)
Ardeola grayii (Indian Pond Heron) (Attributes)
Ardeola idae (Malagasy Pond Heron) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Ardeola ralloides (Squacco Heron) (Attributes)
Ardeola rufiventris (Rufous-bellied Heron) (Attributes)
Ardeola speciosa (Javan Pond Heron) (Attributes)


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