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Deschampsia (hairgrass)

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Deschampsia is a genus of plants in the grass family, commonly known as hair grass or tussock grass.
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Deschampsia airiformis
Deschampsia angusta (Attributes)
Deschampsia antarctica (Antarctic hair grass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia argentea (Attributes)
Deschampsia atropurpurea (mountain hairgrass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia baicalensis
Deschampsia berteroniana (Attributes)
Deschampsia ceaspitosa <Unverified Name>
Deschampsia cespitosa (Tufted Hair-grass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia chapmanii (Attributes)
Deschampsia christophersenii (Attributes)
Deschampsia cordillerarum (Attributes)
Deschampsia danthonioides (annual hairgrass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia domingensis (Attributes)
Deschampsia elongata (slender hairgrass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia flexuosa (wavy hairgrass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia foliosa (Attributes)
Deschampsia gracillima (Attributes)
Deschampsia kingii (Attributes)
Deschampsia klossii (Attributes)
Deschampsia koelerioides (Attributes)
Deschampsia laxa (Attributes)
Deschampsia leskovii
Deschampsia liebmanniana (Attributes)
Deschampsia ligulata (Attributes)
Deschampsia looseriana (Attributes)
Deschampsia maderensis (Attributes)
Deschampsia media (Attributes)
Deschampsia mejlandii (Attributes)
Deschampsia mendocina (Attributes)
Deschampsia mexicana
Deschampsia mildbraedii (Attributes)
Deschampsia nubigena (alpine hairgrass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia parvula (Attributes)
Deschampsia patula (Attributes)
Deschampsia pusilla (Attributes)
Deschampsia robusta (Attributes)
Deschampsia setacea (bog hair grass) (Attributes)
Deschampsia tenella (Attributes)
Deschampsia venustula (Attributes)
Deschampsia wacei (Attributes)


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