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Lasiacis (smallcane)

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Lasiacis (smallcane) is a genus of Neotropical plants in the grass family, found in the Americas from Mexico and Florida south to Argentina. Species 1. \n* Lasiacis anomala Hitchc. - Trinidad, Venezuela, Guayana, Suriname, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia 2. \n* Lasiacis divaricata (L.) Hitchc. - widespread from Mexico and Florida south to Argentina 3. \n* Lasiacis grisebachii (Nash) Hitchc. - Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Puerto Rico 4. \n* Lasiacis ligulata Hitchc. & Chase - South America, West Indies 5. \n* Lasiacis linearis Swallen - Central America, Chiapas 6. \n* Lasiacis maculata (Aubl.) Urb. - widespread from Mexico and Cuba south to Argentina 7. \n* Lasiacis nigra Davidse - Mexico, Central America, northwestern South America 8. \n* Lasiacis oaxacensis (Steud.) Hitchc. ex Chase -
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Lasiacis anomala (Attributes)
Lasiacis divaricata (smallcane) (Attributes)
Lasiacis grisebachii (Grisebach's tribisee) (Attributes)
Lasiacis ligulata (thicket tribisee) (Attributes)
Lasiacis linearis (Attributes)
Lasiacis maculata (woodland tribisee) (Attributes)
Lasiacis nigra (Attributes)
Lasiacis oaxacensis (Attributes)
Lasiacis procerrima (Attributes)
Lasiacis rhizophora (Attributes)
Lasiacis rugelii (Attributes)
Lasiacis ruscifolia (climbing tribisee) (Attributes)
Lasiacis scabrior (Attributes)
Lasiacis sloanei (Sloane's tribisee) (Attributes)
Lasiacis standleyi (Attributes)


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