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Melica (melicgrass)

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Melica is a genus of perennial grasses known generally as melic or melic grass. They are found in most temperate regions of the world. They are clumping grasses with long, erect stems bearing spikelets of papery grass flowers. Some species of melic have corms and are sometimes called oniongrass.
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Melica altissima (Siberian melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica amethystina
Melica animarum
Melica argentata
Melica argyrea
Melica aristata (bearded melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica arzivencoi
Melica aschersonii
Melica bocquetii
Melica bonariensis
Melica brasiliana (Attributes)
Melica brevicoronata
Melica bulbosa (bulbous oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica californica (California melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica canariensis
Melica capillaris
Melica cepacea
Melica chilensis
Melica ciliata (hairy melic) (Attributes)
Melica commersonii
Melica cupani
Melica decipiens
Melica dendroides
Melica eligulata
Melica eremophila (Attributes)
Melica frutescens (woody melic) (Attributes)
Melica fugax (little oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica geyeri (Geyer's oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica glabrescens
Melica grandiflora
Melica harfordii (Harford's oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica haussknechtii
Melica hunzikeri
Melica hyalina (Attributes)
Melica imperfecta (smallflower melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica kozlovii
Melica lilloi
Melica longiflora (Attributes)
Melica longiligulata
Melica macra (Attributes)
Melica minor
Melica minuta (Attributes)
Melica mollis
Melica montezumae (Montezuma melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica mutica (oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica nitens (shining oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica nutans (Mountain Melick) (Attributes)
Melica onoei (Attributes)
Melica pappiana
Melica parodiana
Melica patagonica
Melica paulsenii
Melica penicillaris
Melica persica (Attributes)
Melica picta (Attributes)
Melica poecilantha
Melica porteri (Porter's melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica przewalskyi
Melica racemosa (Attributes)
Melica radula (Attributes)
Melica rectiflora
Melica rigida
Melica riograndensis
Melica sarmentosa (Attributes)
Melica scaberrima
Melica scabra
Melica scabrosa (Attributes)
Melica schafkati
Melica schuetzeana
Melica secunda
Melica serrana
Melica smirnovii
Melica smithii (smith melic grass) (Attributes)
Melica spartinoides
Melica spectabilis (purple oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica stricta (rock melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica stuckertii
Melica subflava
Melica subulata (Alaska oniongrass) (Attributes)
Melica tangutorum
Melica taylorii
Melica teneriffae
Melica tenuis
Melica thuringiaca (Attributes)
Melica tibetica
Melica torreyana (Torrey's melicgrass) (Attributes)
Melica transsilvanica (Attributes)
Melica turcomanica <Unverified Name>
Melica turczaninowiana (Attributes)
Melica tzvelevii
Melica uniflora (Wood melick grass) (Attributes)
Melica violacea (Attributes)
Melica virgata (Attributes)
Melica weinii
Melica yajiangensis


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