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Leymus (wildrye)

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Leymus is a genus of plants in the (grass family), widespread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.The common name for this genus is "wild rye"; however, members of the genus Elymus are also sometimes given the same common name. The two are closely related and sometimes combined into one genus. The two names are anagrams of each other.Species↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 ↑ 2.0 2.1 ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
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Leymus aemulans
Leymus ajanensis (arctic lyme grass) (Attributes)
Leymus akmolinensis (Attributes)
Leymus alaicus (Attributes)
Leymus altus
Leymus ambiguus (Colorado wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus angustus (Altai wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus arenarius (sand ryegrass) (Attributes)
Leymus aristiglumis
Leymus buriaticus
Leymus cappadocicus
Leymus chinensis (Attributes)
Leymus cinereus (basin wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus condensatus (giant wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus crassiusculus
Leymus divaricatus
Leymus duthiei (Attributes)
Leymus erianthus (Attributes)
Leymus fedtschenkoi
Leymus flavescens (yellow wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus flexilis
Leymus flexus
Leymus innovatus (downy ryegrass) (Attributes)
Leymus jenisseiensis
Leymus karelinii (Attributes)
Leymus komarovii (Attributes)
Leymus kopetdaghensis
Leymus lanatus
Leymus latiglumis
Leymus leptostachyus
Leymus mollis (American dunegrass) (Attributes)
Leymus multicaulis (manystem wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus multiflorus (multiflowered wildrye)
Leymus mundus
Leymus nikitinii
Leymus obvipodus
Leymus ordensis
Leymus paboanus (Attributes)
Leymus pacificus (Pacific wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus paucispiculus
Leymus pendulus
Leymus pishanicus
Leymus pluriflorus
Leymus pseudoracemosus
Leymus pubinodis
Leymus racemosus (mammoth wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus ramosoides
Leymus ramosus
Leymus ruoqiangensis
Leymus salina (saline wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus secalinus (wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus shanxiensis
Leymus sibiricus (Attributes)
Leymus sphacelatus
Leymus spiniformis
Leymus tianschanicus (Attributes)
Leymus triticoides (creeping wildrye) (Attributes)
Leymus tuvinicus
Leymus vancouverensis (Vancouver wildrye)
Leymus villosissimus (Attributes)
Leymus yiunensis


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