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Cnidaria (cnidarians)

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Cnidaria (/naɪˈdɛəriə/) is a phylum containing over 10,000 species of animals found exclusively in aquatic (freshwater and marine) environments: they are predominantly marine species. Their distinguishing feature is cnidocytes, specialized cells that they use mainly for capturing prey. Their bodies consist of mesoglea, a non-living jelly-like substance, sandwiched between two layers of epithelium that are mostly one cell thick.
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Anthozoa (anemones and corals) (6,401)   (31)   (1)
Cubozoa (sea wasps or box jellyfish) (36)
Hydrozoa (hydralike animals, hydroids, and hydrozoans) (3,677)   (3)
Scyphozoa (cup animals and jellyfishes) (192)   (1)
Staurozoa (48)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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