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Cyanoramphus (Australasian parakeets)

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Cyanoramphus is a genus of parakeets native to New Zealand and islands of the southern Pacific Ocean. The New Zealand forms are often referred to as kākāriki. They are small to medium sized parakeets with long tails and predominately green plumage. Most species are forest species, although several of the subantarctic species live in open grassland.
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Cyanoramphus auriceps (Yellow-crowned Parakeet) (Attributes)
Cyanoramphus cookii (Norfolk Parakeet) (Attributes)
Cyanoramphus forbesi (Chatham parakeet) (Endangered)
Cyanoramphus malherbi (Malherbe's parakeet) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae (Red-fronted Parakeet) (Attributes)
Cyanoramphus saisseti (Red-crowned Parakeet)
Cyanoramphus ulietanus (Raiatea parakeet)
Cyanoramphus unicolor (Antipodes Parakeet) (Attributes)
Cyanoramphus zealandicus (black-fronted parakeet)


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