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Trachemys (sliders)

Wikipedia Abstract

Trachemys is a genus of turtles belonging to the family Emydidae.
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Trachemys adiutrix (Brazilian Slider) (Endangered)
Trachemys decorata (Hispanolan Slider)
Trachemys decussata (North Antillean Slider)
Trachemys dorbigni (Black-bellied Slider)
Trachemys gaigeae (Big Bend Slider)
Trachemys scripta (Pond Slider, scripta) (Attributes)
Trachemys stejnegeri (Puerto Rican Slider)
Trachemys terrapen (Jamaican Slider)

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Bronx Children's Zoo
Giza Zoological Garden
Henry Vilas Zoo
Nat'l Mississippi River Museum & Aquar
Parrot Jungle Island
Wildlife World Zoo
Zoo Santo InĂ¡cio Vila Nova de Gaia


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