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Dasypus (long-nosed armadillos)

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Dasypus, also known as the long-nosed or naked-tailed armadillo, is a genus of armadillo in the family Dasypodidae. It is the only genus in the subfamily Dasypodinae and is largely found in South, Central, and North America. Dasypus are solitary mammals that are primarily nocturnal to avoid temperature extremes and predation.
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Dasypus hybridus (Southern Long-nosed Armadillo) (Attributes)
Dasypus kappleri (Greater Long-nosed Armadillo) (Attributes)
Dasypus mazzai (Yepes's Mulita) (Attributes)
Dasypus novemcinctus (Nine-banded Armadillo) (Attributes)
Dasypus pilosus (Hairy Long-nosed Armadillo) (Attributes)
Dasypus sabanicola (Llanos Long-nosed Armadillo) (Attributes)
Dasypus septemcinctus (Seven-banded Armadillo) (Attributes)


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