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Vulpes (foxes)

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Vulpes is a genus of the Canidae. The members of this genus are colloquially referred to as true foxes, meaning they form a proper clade. The word "fox" occurs on the common names of species. True foxes are distinguished from members of the genus Canis such as dogs, wolves, coyotes, and jackals by their smaller size (5-11 kg) and flatter skulls. They have black, triangular markings between their eyes and nose, and the tips of their tails are often a different color from the rest of their pelts. The typical lifespan for this genus is between two and four years, but can reach up to a decade.
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Vulpes bengalensis (Bengal Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes cana (Blanford's Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes chama (Cape Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes corsac (Corsac Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes ferrilata (Tibetan Sand Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes lagopus (Arctic Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes macrotis (Kit Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes pallida (Pale Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes rueppellii (Rüppell's Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes velox (Swift Fox) (Attributes)
Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Vulpes zerda (Fennec Fox) (Attributes)

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Blaavand Zoo
Dartmoor Zoological Park
Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School


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