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Tragopan (tragopans)

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Tragopan is a genus of bird in the family Phasianidae. These birds are commonly called "horny pheasants" because of two brightly colored, fleshy horns on their heads that they can erect during courtship displays. The scientific name refers to this, being a composite of tragus (billy goat) and the ribald half-goat deity Pan (and in the case of the satyr tragopan, adding Pan's companions for even more emphasis). Their habit of nesting in trees is unique among phasianids. There are five recognized species of tragopans. Tragopans are endangered.
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Tragopan blythii (Blyth's Tragopan) (Attributes)
Tragopan caboti (Cabot's Tragopan) (Attributes)
Tragopan melanocephalus (Western Tragopan) (Attributes)
Tragopan satyra (Satyr Tragopan) (Attributes)
Tragopan temminckii (Temminck's Tragopan) (Attributes)

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