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Pygopodidae (legless lizards)

Wikipedia Abstract

Not to be confused with glass lizards.The Pygopodidae (commonly known as legless lizards, snake-lizards, or flap-footed lizards) are a family of squamates with reduced or absent limbs, and are a type of gecko. There are at least 35 species in two subfamilies and eight genera. They have unusually long, slender bodies, giving them a strong resemblance to snakes. Like snakes and most geckos, they have no eyelids, but unlike snakes, they have external ear holes and flat, unforked tongues.
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Aprasia (Lizard) (14)   (1)
Delma (Lizard) (22)
Lialis (Legless lizard) (2)
Ophidiocephalus (Lizard) (1)
Paradelma (Lizard) (1)
Pletholax (Lizard) (1)
Pygopus (5)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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