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Aphyosemion (African lyretails)

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Aphyosemion is a genus of African rivulines endemic, as the name indicates, to Africa. Many of these species are popular aquarium fish.
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Aphyosemion abacinum
Aphyosemion ahli (Ahl's lyretail)
Aphyosemion alpha (Endangered)
Aphyosemion amoenum (Red-finned killi) (Endangered)
Aphyosemion aureum (Golden killi)
Aphyosemion australe (Lyretail panchax)
Aphyosemion bamilekorum (Bamileke killi) (Endangered)
Aphyosemion batesii (Bates' killi)
Aphyosemion bitaeniatum (Two-striped Aphyosemion)
Aphyosemion bivittatum (Twostripe lyretail)
Aphyosemion bualanum (Redbarred powderblue killifish) (Endangered)
Aphyosemion buytaerti (Killifish)
Aphyosemion callipteron
Aphyosemion calliurum (Banner lyretail)
Aphyosemion cameronense (Cameroon killi)
Aphyosemion campomaanense
Aphyosemion castaneum
Aphyosemion caudofasciatum (Caudal-stripe killi)
Aphyosemion celiae (Celia's Aphysemion)
Aphyosemion chauchei (Chauche's Aphysemion)
Aphyosemion christyi (Christy's Lyretail)
Aphyosemion citrineipinnis (Lemon-Finned Killi)
Aphyosemion coeleste (Sky-blue killi)
Aphyosemion cognatum (Redspot panchax)
Aphyosemion congicum (Congo killi)
Aphyosemion cyanostictum (Gabon jewelfish)
Aphyosemion dargei (Mbam killi)
Aphyosemion decorsei (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion ecucuense
Aphyosemion edeanum (Edea killi)
Aphyosemion elberti (Red barred killi)
Aphyosemion elegans (Elegant killi)
Aphyosemion erythron
Aphyosemion escherichi (Escherich's killi)
Aphyosemion etsamense
Aphyosemion exigoideum (False jewel killi)
Aphyosemion exiguum (Jewel killi)
Aphyosemion ferranti (Killifish)
Aphyosemion franzwerneri (Goby killi) (Endangered)
Aphyosemion fulgens (Diapteron fulgens) (Endangered)
Aphyosemion gabunense (Yellowgreen killifish)
Aphyosemion georgiae
Aphyosemion grelli
Aphyosemion hanneloreae (Hannelore's killi)
Aphyosemion heinemanni (Heinemann's killi)
Aphyosemion hera
Aphyosemion herzogi (Herzog's killi)
Aphyosemion hofmanni (Hofmann's killi)
Aphyosemion joergenscheeli (Gularis)
Aphyosemion kouamense
Aphyosemion koungueense
Aphyosemion labarrei (Redstreaked killifish)
Aphyosemion lamberti (Killifish)
Aphyosemion lefiniense
Aphyosemion lividum
Aphyosemion loennbergii (Loennberg's killifish)
Aphyosemion louessense (Killifish)
Aphyosemion lugens (Endangered)
Aphyosemion lujae (Spotline killifish)
Aphyosemion maculatum (Killifish)
Aphyosemion malumbresi
Aphyosemion melanogaster
Aphyosemion melinoeides
Aphyosemion mengilai
Aphyosemion mimbon (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion musafirii
Aphyosemion ocellatum (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion ogoense (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion omega
Aphyosemion pamaense
Aphyosemion pascheni (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion passaroi (Endangered)
Aphyosemion plagitaenium
Aphyosemion poliaki (Endangered)
Aphyosemion polli
Aphyosemion primigenium (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion pseudoelegans
Aphyosemion punctatum (Spotted rivulus)
Aphyosemion punctulatum
Aphyosemion raddai (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion rectogoense (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion riggenbachi (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion schioetzi (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion schluppi (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion schoutedeni
Aphyosemion seegersi
Aphyosemion splendopleure (Gularis)
Aphyosemion striatum (Striped lyretail)
Aphyosemion teugelsi
Aphyosemion thysi
Aphyosemion tirbaki (Endangered)
Aphyosemion trilineatus (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion volcanum (Lyretail) (Endangered)
Aphyosemion wachtersi (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion wildekampi (Lyretail)
Aphyosemion wuendschi (Wuendsch's killi)
Aphyosemion zygaima (Lyretail)

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