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Ancistrus (antenna armored catfishes)

Wikipedia Abstract

Ancistrus is a genus of freshwater fish in the family Loricariidae of order Siluriformes, native to South America and Panama. Fish of this genus are commonly known as the bushynose or bristlenose plecos.
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Ancistrus abilhoai
Ancistrus agostinhoi
Ancistrus aguaboensis
Ancistrus bodenhameri
Ancistrus bolivianus
Ancistrus brevifilis
Ancistrus brevipinnis
Ancistrus bufonius
Ancistrus caucanus
Ancistrus centrolepis
Ancistrus chagresi
Ancistrus cirrhosus (Catfish)
Ancistrus claro
Ancistrus clementinae
Ancistrus cryptophthalmus
Ancistrus cuiabae
Ancistrus damasceni
Ancistrus dolichopterus (Bluechin xenocara)
Ancistrus dubius
Ancistrus erinaceus
Ancistrus eustictus
Ancistrus falconensis
Ancistrus formoso
Ancistrus fulvus
Ancistrus galani
Ancistrus greeni
Ancistrus gymnorhynchus
Ancistrus heterorhynchus
Ancistrus hoplogenys (Catfish)
Ancistrus jataiensis
Ancistrus jelskii
Ancistrus latifrons
Ancistrus leucostictus (Synonym of Hemiancistrus leucostictus, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus lineolatus (Synonym of Hemiancistrus lineolatus, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus lithurgicus (Synonym of Hemiancistrus lithurgicus, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus macrophthalmus
Ancistrus maculatus
Ancistrus malacops
Ancistrus maracasae (Synonym of Hemiancistrus maracasae, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus marcapatae (Endangered)
Ancistrus martini
Ancistrus mattogrossensis
Ancistrus megalostomus
Ancistrus minutus
Ancistrus montanus
Ancistrus mullerae
Ancistrus multispinis (Synonym of Hemiancistrus multispinis, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus nudiceps (Synonym of Hemiancistrus nudiceps, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus occidentalis
Ancistrus occloi
Ancistrus parecis
Ancistrus pirareta
Ancistrus piriformis
Ancistrus ranunculus
Ancistrus reisi
Ancistrus salgadae
Ancistrus sericeus
Ancistrus spinosus
Ancistrus stigmaticus
Ancistrus tamboensis
Ancistrus taunayi
Ancistrus temminckii (Synonym of Hemiancistrus temminckii, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus tolima (Endangered)
Ancistrus tombador
Ancistrus trinitatis
Ancistrus triradiatus (Synonym of Hemiancistrus triradiatus, Suckermouth catfish)
Ancistrus variolus
Ancistrus verecundus
Ancistrus vericaucanus (Endangered)

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