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Clitoria (pigeonwings)

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Clitoria is a genus of flowering plants that are insect pollinated.
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Clitoria amazonum (Attributes)
Clitoria andrei (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Clitoria annua (Attributes)
Clitoria arborea (Burro Yacuana) (Attributes)
Clitoria arborescens (Bigie Nonloe) (Attributes)
Clitoria australis (Attributes)
Clitoria brachycalyx (Attributes)
Clitoria brachystegia (Flor De La Reina) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Clitoria canescens (Attributes)
Clitoria cavalcantei (Attributes)
Clitoria cordiformis (Attributes)
Clitoria cordobensis (Attributes)
Clitoria coriacea (Attributes)
Clitoria dendrina (Anima-flor De Anima) (Attributes)
Clitoria densiflora (Semelos) (Attributes)
Clitoria epetiolata (Attributes)
Clitoria fairchildiana (Philippine pigeonwings) (Attributes)
Clitoria falcata (sickle pigeonwings) (Attributes)
Clitoria flagellaris (Attributes)
Clitoria flexuosa (Raca-sisa) (Attributes)
Clitoria fragrans (Pigeon wings) (Attributes)
Clitoria froesii (Darume Vine) (Attributes)
Clitoria glaberrima (Peronil) (Attributes)
Clitoria guianensis (Generala) (Attributes)
Clitoria hanceana (Attributes)
Clitoria hermannii (Attributes)
Clitoria heterophylla (Kilelo) (Attributes)
Clitoria humilis (Attributes)
Clitoria irwinii (Attributes)
Clitoria javanica (Attributes)
Clitoria javitensis (Attributes)
Clitoria juninensis (Sapotillo) (Attributes)
Clitoria kaessneri (Muliatchioca) (Attributes)
Clitoria kaieteurensis (Attributes)
Clitoria lasciva (Vahytsikomba) (Attributes)
Clitoria laurifolia (laurel-leaf pigeonwings) (Attributes)
Clitoria leptostachya (Attributes)
Clitoria linearis (Attributes)
Clitoria macrophylla (Poik Tak Katen) (Attributes)
Clitoria magentea (Attributes)
Clitoria magnifica (Attributes)
Clitoria mariana (pidgeonwings) (Attributes)
Clitoria mexicana (Frijolillo) (Attributes)
Clitoria monticola (Attributes)
Clitoria moyobambensis (Attributes)
Clitoria nana (Attributes)
Clitoria nervosa (Chancho) (Attributes)
Clitoria obidensis (Attributes)
Clitoria pendens (Maneho) (Attributes)
Clitoria plumosa (Attributes)
Clitoria polystachya (Bunijn) (Attributes)
Clitoria pozuzoensis (Paipaish Duck) (Attributes)
Clitoria rubiginosa (Attributes)
Clitoria sagotii (Attributes)
Clitoria selloi (Attributes)
Clitoria simplicifolia (Attributes)
Clitoria snethlageae (Attributes)
Clitoria steyermarkii (Attributes)
Clitoria stipularis (Feijao Bravo) (Attributes)
Clitoria ternatea (Asian Pigeon Wings) (Attributes)
Clitoria terneata <Unverified Name>
Clitoria triflora (Attributes)
Clitoria tunuhiensis (Attributes)
Clitoria vaupellii (Attributes)
Clitoria woytkowskii (Attributes)


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