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Aiphanes (aiphanes)

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Aiphanes is a genus of spiny palms which is native to tropical regions of South and Central America and the Caribbean. There are about 26 species in the genus (see below), ranging in size from understorey shrubs with subterranean stems to subcanopy trees as tall as 20 metres (66 ft). Most have pinnately compound leaves (leaves which are divided into leaflets arranged feather-like, in pairs along a central axis); one species has entire leaves.
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Aiphanes acanthophylla (Guinea bactris) (Attributes)
Aiphanes acaulis (Attributes)
Aiphanes argos <Unverified Name> (Critically Endangered)
Aiphanes bicornis (Attributes)
Aiphanes buenaventurae
Aiphanes chiribogensis (Attributes)
Aiphanes deltoidea (Attributes)
Aiphanes duquei (Attributes)
Aiphanes eggersii (Attributes)
Aiphanes erinacea (Attributes)
Aiphanes gelatinosa (Attributes)
Aiphanes graminifolia (Attributes)
Aiphanes grandis (Endangered) (Attributes)
Aiphanes hirsuta (Attributes)
Aiphanes horrida (coyure palm) (Attributes)
Aiphanes leiostachys (Endangered) (Attributes)
Aiphanes lindeniana (Attributes)
Aiphanes linearis (Attributes)
Aiphanes macroloba (Attributes)
Aiphanes minima
Aiphanes multiplex
Aiphanes parvifolia (Attributes)
Aiphanes pilaris (Attributes)
Aiphanes simplex (Attributes)
Aiphanes spicata (Attributes)
Aiphanes stergiosii (Attributes)
Aiphanes tricuspidata (Attributes)
Aiphanes ulei (Attributes)
Aiphanes verrucosa (Endangered) (Attributes)
Aiphanes weberbaueri (Attributes)


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