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Osmeriformes (Argentines and smelts)

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The Osmeriformes comprise an order of ray-finned fish that includes the true or freshwater smelts and allies, such as the galaxiids and noodlefishes; they are also collectively called osmeriforms. They belong to the teleost superorder Protacanthopterygii, which also includes pike and salmon, among others. The order's name means "smelt-shaped", from Osmerus (the type genus) + the standard fish order suffix "-formes".
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Alepocephalidae (slickheads and smoothheads) (98)
Argentinidae (Argentines and herring smelts) (27)
Bathylagidae (deep-sea smelts) (22)
Galaxiidae (Galaxiid fish) (50)   (18)
Lepidogalaxiidae (Salamanderfish) (1)
Leptochilichthyidae (Slickhead) (3)
Microstomatidae (Smelt) (19)
Opisthoproctidae (barreleyes and spookfishes) (19)
Osmeridae (smelts) (15)   (1)
Platytroctidae (Tubeshoulder) (39)
Plecoglossidae (ayu fishes) (1)
Retropinnidae (new zealand smelts) (6)
Salangidae (icefishes and noddlefishes) (20)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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