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Gadiformes (cods and hakes)

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Gadiformes are an order of ray-finned fish, also called the Anacanthini, that includes the cod and its allies. Many major food fish are in this order. They are found in marine waters throughout the world and the vast majority of the species are found in temperate or colder regions (tropical species are typically deep-water).
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Bregmacerotidae (bregmacerotid codfishes and codlets) (14)
Euclichthyidae (eucla cods) (1)
Gadidae (cods, codfishes, and true cods) (24)
Lotidae (cusk fishes, ling, hakes, and burbots) (23)
Macrouridae (grenadiers and rattails) (405)   (1)
Melanonidae (pelagic cods) (2)
Merlucciidae (hakes) (23)   (1)
Moridae (codlings and deepsea codfishes) (108)
Muraenolepididae (ell cods and moray cods) (9)
Phycidae (Phycid hake) (11)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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