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Elopiformes (tarpons)

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The Elopiformes /ɨˌlɒpɨˈfɔrmiːz/ are the order of ray-finned fish including the tarpons, tenpounders, and ladyfish, as well as a number of extinct types. They have a long fossil record, easily distinguished from other fishes by the presence of an additional set of bones in the throat.They are related to the order of eels, although the adults superficially resemble very large or giant herrings in appearance. The larvae, however, are leptocephali, looking very similar to those of eels.
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Elopidae (bigeyed herrings, ladyfishes, tarpons, and tenpounders) (7)
Megalopidae (tarpons) (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
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