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Borassus (borassus palm)

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Borassus (Palmyra palm) is a genus of six species of fan palms, native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and New Guinea. They are tall palms, capable of growing up to 30 m high (98 ft). The leaves are long, fan-shaped, 2 to 3 m in length. The plants are dioecious, with male and female flowers on separate plants; pollination is by both wind and insect. The flowers are small, in densely clustered spikes, followed by large, brown, roundish fruits.
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Borassus aethiopum (palmyra palm) (Attributes)
Borassus akeassii
Borassus flabellifer (toddy palm) (Attributes)
Borassus heineanus (New Guinea Palmyra Palm)
Borassus madagascariensis (Endangered)

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