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Alectoris (Asian partridges and chukars)

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The genus Alectoris is a well-defined group of partridge species of the order Galliformes, allied with coturnix and snowcocks and also related to partridge-francolins ( Pternistes) and junglebush quail ( Perdicula ). They are known collectively as rock partridges. The genus name is from Ancient Greek alektoris a farmyard chicken. Their fossils date back to the early Pleistocene, with extant representatives in southern Europe, North Africa and Arabia, and across Asia in Pakistan to Tibet and western China.
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Alectoris barbara (Barbary Partridge) (Attributes)
Alectoris chukar (Chukar Partridge) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Alectoris graeca (Rock Partridge) (Attributes)
Alectoris magna (Przevalski's Partridge) (Attributes)
Alectoris melanocephala (Arabian Partridge) (Attributes)
Alectoris philbyi (Philby's Partridge) (Attributes)
Alectoris rufa (Red-legged Partridge) (Attributes)


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