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Escobaria (foxtail cactus)

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Escobaria, pincushion cactus or foxtail cactus is a genus of low-growing cacti that range from the southernmost parts of central and western Canada through northern Mexico, with one species in Cuba. The genus comprises about 23 species. The term "pincushion cactus" may also refer to the related Mammillaria.The stems of Escobaria range from globose to cylindrical, and lack nectar-secreting glands; while ribs are absent, tubercles are present, tending to become corky and deciduous as they age.
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Escobaria alversonii (cushion foxtail cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria chihuahuensis
Escobaria chlorantha
Escobaria cubensis (Holgu´┐Żn Dwarf Cactus) (Endangered)
Escobaria dasyacantha (Big Bend foxtail cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria duncanii
Escobaria emskoetteriana (junior Tom Thumb cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria hesteri (Hester's foxtail cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria laredoi
Escobaria lloydii
Escobaria minima (birdfoot cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria missouriensis (Missouri fox-tail cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria robbinsorum (Cochise foxtail cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria sneedii (carpet foxtail cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria tuberculosa (white-column foxtail cactus) (Attributes)
Escobaria vivipara (spinystar) (Attributes)
Escobaria zilziana


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