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Beloniformes (halfbeeks and needlefishes)

Wikipedia Abstract

Beloniformes is an order composed of six families (and about 264 species) of freshwater and marine ray-finned fish: \n* the Adrianichthyidae (ricefish and medakas); \n* Belonidae (needlefish); \n* Exocoetidae (flyingfishes); \n* Hemiramphidae (halfbeaks); \n* the Scomberesocidae (sauries) and \n* the Zenarchopteridae (viviparous halfbeaks).
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Adrianichthyidae (adrianichthyids) (37)   (5)
Belonidae (needlefishes) (39)
Exocoetidae (flyingfishes and halfbeaks) (68)
Hemiramphidae (halfbeaks) (60)
Scomberesocidae (sauries and saury pikes) (5)
Zenarchopteridae (63)   (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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