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Aulopiformes (Jellynose dragonfish)

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Aulopiformes is a diverse order of marine ray-finned fish consisting of some 15 extant and several prehistoric families with about 45 genera and over 230 species. The common names grinners, lizardfishes and allies or aulopiforms are sometimes used for this group. The scientific name means "Aulopus-shaped", from Aulopus (the type genus) + the standard fish order suffix "-formes". It ultimately derives from Ancient Greek aulós (αὐλός, "flute" or "pipe") + Latin forma ("external form"), the former in reference to the elongated shape of many aulopiforms.
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Alepisauridae (lancetfishes) (2)
Anotopteridae (daggertooths) (3)
Aulopidae (15)
Bathysauridae (2)
Bathysauroididae (1)
Chlorophthalmidae (greeneyes) (17)
Evermannellidae (sabertoothfishes) (8)
Giganturidae (giganturids) (2)
Ipnopidae (blind lizardfishes and grideye fishes) (30)
Notosudidae (Waryfish) (17)
Omosudidae (hammerjaws) (1)
Paralepididae (barracudinas) (58)
Paraulopidae (14)
Pseudotrichonotidae (Lancetfish) (2)
Scopelarchidae (pearleyes) (18)
Synodontidae (lizardfishes) (74)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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