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Gluta (gluta)

Wikipedia Abstract

Gluta is a genus of plant in the subfamily Anacardioideae of the family Anacardiaceae. Species include: \n* Gluta capituliflora Ding Hou \n* Gluta curtisii (Oliver) Ding Hou \n* Gluta lanceolata Ridl. \n* Gluta laxiflora Ridl. \n* Gluta papuana Ding Hou \n* Gluta renghas L. \n* Gluta rugulosa Ding Hou \n* Gluta sabahana Ding Hou \n* Gluta travancorica Bedd. \n* Gluta tourtour Marchand \n* Gluta velutina Blume
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