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Melittidae (melittid bees)

Wikipedia Abstract

Melittidae is a small bee family, with over 200 described species in three subfamilies. The family has a limited distribution, with all described species restricted to Africa and the northern temperate zone. Melittids are typically small to moderate-sized bees, which are well known for their specialist and oligolectic foraging habits. Fossil melittids have been found occasionally in Eocene amber deposits, including those of Oise, France and the Baltic amber.
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Afrodasypoda (1)
Ceratomonia (1)
Dasypoda (38)   (1)
Eremaphanta (9)
Haplomelitta (6)
Hesperapis (37)
Macropis (16)
Meganomia (4)
Melitta (Bee) (44)
Promelitta (1)
Pseudophilanthus (4)
Rediviva (22)
Redivivoides (1)
Samba (1)
Uromonia (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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